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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  December 9, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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and it's not the first timee station owner's suspicions t hy. vandals take a bay area radio station off the air. the reason why. the plane, it's totaled. nobody inside survived. >> it appears to a tragic ending to a promising show
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business career. jenny rivera fear dead after a plane crash. the bay area leaves a sour taste in fishermen mouths. the shortage and how restaurants will get around it. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. a vallejo radio station is off the air again. it's not the first time it was trashed by vandals. don knapp has suspensions about the reason why. >> reporter: that's right. it may be a hate crime. but now for the third time, vandals have attacked this radio community station and knocked it off the air. >> we've got a lot for coming on next. >> reporter: she plays her music over the internet right now. because the radio station she serves is off the air, taken down by vandals who cut through the wiring. >> they took pretty expensive equipment. it'll take a while for us to get back up. it's the third time this year
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we've been sabotaged. >> reporter: what are they doing to string them up? >> i know it's not our content. we play independent music. we talk about local event and the other non-profits. so we are talking about things happening in vallejo. we don't focus on negative in vallejo. >> reporter: the transmitter shaft and batteries were all damaged and stolen. and this is not the first time. martin wonders if the vandalism is racially motivated. >> i'm 56 years old and never one to jump on the bandwagon, but three times in one year, there's got to be something to that. >> reporter: in fact, the "n" word was spray painted on the building in the earlier vandalism. ingly hope it's not. but i mean i am only one man. i can only fight for so long. and like i said this is the
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community radio. twice before martin says that they will need to come through to repair the radio station to put it on air. but they can't keep going back to that there if they want the vandals done. the super star is fear dead after her plane crashed in mexico. the small plane carrying the mexican-american singer lost contact with the air traffic controllers just ten minutes after taking off from mexico. she had just performed a concert. seven people including the pilot and crew were believed to have been on the plane. the 43-year-old was born and raised in long beach. rivera recently divorced former major league pitcher who once played for the oakland a's. this year rivera was named
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billboard's mexican music artist of the year. the suspect in a fatal shooting has died after being shot by police. the 31-year-old was the prime suspect in a shooting on the indian reservation. three people were found dead. one other was wounded. she was on the run with her two daughters. deputies were chasing them after ignoring signals. one of them have life threatening injuries. a vigil tonight for a man shocked outside his home last night. police found a 43-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds in front of their house just before 11:00 last night. they are still looking for the shooter and for a motive. police have not released the names of the victims. an emotional win for america's team. one killed and accused of killing them. they shed their resiliency off and on the field with more on
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the team's tragic. dallas cowboys josh brent walked out of the texas jail on sunday. a day after he was charged in a car crash that killed his teammate. >> my dear best friend, jerry brown. i'm just dealing with his death right now. >> reporter: the dependencive lineman was driving drunk early sunday and lost control of his mercedes, killing jerry brown, a passenger in the car. brent is charged with intoxication manslaughter. hours before his release, an motional dallas cowboys team took the field in cincinnati with a moment of silence before the game and a brown's jersey was placed on the bench. >> there was a feeling of numbness out on the field today. but somehow they focused it and figured out a way to win the ball game. >> reporter: brown played on the practice squad. the 25-year-old was a rising star. >> keep doing what you're doing and you'll be on the field. he had a big smile and he loved
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to play the game. >> brent and brown were teammates at the university of illinois. this isn't the first run-in with the law for the cowboy's nose tackle. in 2009 he pleaded guilty to dui. >> you think about josh and the tough situation that he's obviously in now. you know it's a hard, hard situation. there's no playbook for this sort of thing. >> reporter: the cowboys say they are standing by brent. if convicted he faces a minimum of two years behind bars. >> reverend jesse jackson was in san francisco today to celebrate peace sunday. jackson joined other religious leaders and mayor ed lee at city hall to highlight the city's violence prevention initiative. the focus of the initiative is to get parents involved in their children's lives to keep the cycle of crime violent free. >> job, job training, hope, and the future.
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>> expressing his support for the revival of the banned on assault weapons. fresh grab in san francisco. synonymous for years, but not so much this past week. cbs 5 reporter explains the shortage that put a cramp in this weekend's crab festival. >> reporter: this weekend the annual crab festival is sold out at fisherman's wharf. >> this is the most popular that it has ever been. >> reporter: the french crab fishermen have been on a strike for a week. before that they were slowed by the storm. >> reporter: do you have any fresh crab left? >> no, we don't. we're all out. >> and whatever we've got, that's what we'll have. >> reporter: the strike is all about price. wholesalers and fishermen had agreed on $3 a pound at the start of the season. but demands went down after thanksgiving so wholesalers want to pay $0.25 to $0.75 less. they had so far said no deal.
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>> it'll be more. >> those prices will be fine for me. >> reporter: crabber brandon williams took his boat out to set traps this morning, but he won't harvest them until the strike is over. >> we're getting some trouble if we started delivering to some of these companies here. >> reporter: but he is hoping he can do so soon. >> it'll be great to put some money in our pockets. >> some money are resorting to frozen crab. in the meantime, fans at crab fests say they will take what they can get. >> people love crab. so they're going to have crabs any way they can get it. >> reporter: crab fishermen are meeting tomorrow morning at 10:00 to discuss their next step. well, one last view, the labor dispute between the port of oakland and its union. a dock worker have voted to ratify a new four-year contract. last month they went on a 24- hour strike.
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the tentative agreement includes a 2.5% cost of living raise. the contract goes to the board of commissioners for approval. well, it is not anything that anyone would ever expect on their restaurant bill. three california women, mortified about what they say. the insult that has a driver in hot water. shocked and a surprise for the city of vallejo. no one ever expected to find what was dug up after a dredging project. why it's considered a very good sign, not only for the city, but with the help of the napa river. record highs here in the bay area today. good evening everybody, now we'll pinpoint the day that will be the warmest for you this week and also the wettest as we will be right back on the cw. ,,,,
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((any i do's or applause or something for 03 secs) same-sex couples began tieing the knot legally today in washington state. voters legalized it last month and marriage ceremonies could be performed. 140 couples registered to get married at seattle's city hall this morning. some courtrooms began performing ceremonies at midnight. washington, maine, maryland, became the first states to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote. they join six other states where it is already legal. president obama and house speaker john boehner met at the white house today and the topic of discussion is the impending fiscal cliff. spokesman for both men, they say two the agreed to not release details of the conversation, but that they emphasize the line of
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communication remain open. trying to find a deficit cutting deal to stop the combination of automatic tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to kick in at the beginning of the year. former south african president nelson mandela is nit hospital tonight. those around him are giving few detailed investigation. the 94-year-old hero had been admitted to a military hospital for tests and as he was, "comfortable." a report says that he is no longer speaking. delegation of the leaders visit the hospital today. he became south africa's first black president in 1994. well an unexpected find in san francisco's bay is stirring some excitement. signs of the marine life in the water's off of vallejo were one particular ball. it has been spotted in more than a century. cbs 5 reporter with this fine and what it could mean. >> reporter: the city of
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vallejo was dredging the public marina when they dug something up. something no one expected. something odd said the marina manager. >> i've been here for 2 -- 23 years. >> reporter: the california oysters, although small and not too many, they are sensitive to quality. folks here believe it's a good sign. >> obviously the water is getting better. quality is getting much improved, which is very nice. >> reporter: this has not always been the case. for more than 100 years, a ship operator across the river and legends had it, once in the 1940s, the water caught fire. which combined with the agriculture run off in the apple valley, created some messy water. down river, matthew manages the 112-year-old vallejo yacht club. since they closed and farming practices have improved, that wildlife is returning. >> we get to see the juvenile
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seal using our harbors for fishing, getting in the salmon is and the strike bass and they don't have a chance. getting them every time. >> there's still a lot of work to be done, but the small critters are making a big smash. >> wow, these oysters are a good indicator that the napa river is getting better each time. i still would need them. in vallejo, cbs 5. there is a snow emergency in the twin cities as record amounts are expected to fall throughout the night. four to six inches are already on the ground. another 14 inches of snow is forecast by the national weather service from minneapolis to the st. paul overnight. snowfall is expected to stop tomorrow morning when the temperatures will peak in the mid-teens. we'll hear from matt to roberta who says that we had some record highs in the bay area? >> yes, 56 degrees at the airport in oakland, which broke an old record of 65 set back in 1976. then canfield, the wild way of the north bay at 70 degrees,
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shattering the old record set back in 1934 and 1936. do you know what this is? take a wild guess. the bay bridge in the background, that's a climb that's a fire boat house. >> oh my gosh. >> and it was all decked out in christmas and holiday cheer. and thank you to all of the wonderful firefighters who did that. today and the city of san francisco, near the fire station, 66 degrees. 68 in redwood city. low 70s in santa rosa and in napa, 57 degrees. 57 degrees in san jose and 5 degrees above average for this time of the year. the beautiful lights, where currently the air temperature tumbled down to 57 degrees. another chilly night with the cool air mass in place and the clear skies. overnight 39 in santa rosa. mid-30 expz throughout fairfield, into the delta, 43 in mountain view. pretty similar conditions around the santa clara valley. 78 degrees in the tri-city. and warmer at the city by the
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bay. area of the high pressure is providing plenty of rainfall and throughout the pacific northwest. this is the guy who is producing the offshore flow. so we had the sunshine in our inland areas, we certainly have it back to the coast as well. so now watch this. this is where it gets interesting. this is your morning commute tomorrow. you notice we have the dense fog in the metro valley. but take a look at your tuesday morning commute. what do you see? nothing. nothing, but clear skies. but wait, there you have it. the area of low pressure pushes on through, producing a lot of rainfall for the portions of the bay area before sun out and then gradually shifting to the south, in and out of you needing that umbrella all day long on wednesday. 63 for sacramento. be aware of the 2:00 early morning hours between fresno, modesto, as well as mantika. lots of sunshine at pebble
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beach. 60 beaches, 60 around the peninsula. east of the bay anywhere from fremont to michigan, all the way up to walnut creek. and all these temperatures are pretty uniformed due to the northeast wind, 5 to 15 miles per hour. average high in san francisco, 58. but instead 53 degrees. you'll notice the numbers are already up to 57 in santa rosa. so there you have it. lots of sunshine. it will be cooler on tuesday. and about up to three quarters of an inch of rain anticipated throughout the day on wednesday. we'll dry out on thursday and call it partly cloudy. then the weather appears to be unsettled on friday and sunday with nearly a chance of rain at this particular time. i was actually looking at the extended long range computer models. rain up to christmas day, stopping on christmas day and pick this one from the 26th to the 31st, dry on new year's day. >> yes, i hope it holds out. thank you, roberta. a group of women were
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shocked and appalled about their bill at a restaurant in the central valley. it had nothing to do with the amount that they were charged or the food they ordered. it had everything to do at the top of their receipt. >> reporter: christina duran and her friend had enjoyed their dinner. but when the check came, christina couldn't believe her eyes. >> i got the bill when i was looking at the bill, i was like why does this receipt say fat girls? >> reporter: at first they thought they were joking. >> i was laughing at her and she said i'm serious. no, you know, let me see it. >> she is like you're lying. i said no, look at it. fat girls. >> i said heck no. >> he denied having anything to do with it, explaning that jeff, the name on the receipt must have been the one who typed the words into the system. but jeff was gone, so the three demanded to see a manager. >> and he had a smirk on his face, trying not to laugh. >> reporter: the manager
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apologized, but to offer 25% off the bill. and the ladies were shocked. >> he's like, well, i could do 50%. and we were just like, are you serious? >> reporter: and christina took a photo of the receipt. although she was embarrassed, she wanted others to see it. >> and because it's wrong. >> reporter: all three can understand why people will laugh when they first hear the story. but after a while, it is no laughing matter. it's not funny. i can see it over and over again and i still can't believe it. >> reporter: we wanted to know how something like this could happen. so we asked the management at the cameo club casino. >> i was really appalled by the behavior. >> reporter: the bar manager was not working the night it happened, but when he found out, he questioned jeff. he admitted to typing the words into the system. >> i don't think that he
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understood completely because he was busy last night, but that's no excuse. >> reporter: he remains suspended while management continues to investigate. >> and have you ever seen anything in this investigation that would basically save this guy's job? >> no. >> reporter: in the meantime he has a message for the women. >> i just want to say we're seriously sincerely sorry about this. >> reporter: nonetheless it's not clear if anything could make up for the damage done. >> and i still can't believe it. i can't get it out of my mind what happened to us. like i still can't believe that somebody would put that on a receipt. >> and it's something we have to live with, all three of us. >> well, no panic over the last holiday shopping. how one retail giant is taking the stress of the christmas countdown. >> merry christmas.
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santa it's a photo finish at the box office with james bond moving back to the top spot,
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edging out "santa claus" and "the easter bunny" >> it earned $11 million. the rise of the garden took in $10.5 million. the twilight saga rounded out the top five. more money for the holiday presents, thanks to the falling gas prices. a lundberg survey said that it was $0.10 cheaper. putting the average price at $3.38. but the cheapest in california is $3.42 in stockton. the most expensive, bakersfield at $3.73. the statewide average is $be.52. you will need to spend more time, you have more time to spend the extra savings on your last-minute holiday shopping. macy's says they will stay open for 65 hours straight the weekend before christmas. they will open at 7:00 a.m. on friday. dennis is really looking at it. on december 21 they will open
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and stay open until midnight on sunday. a trend that started on the small scale six years ago. but this year they said that all 800 stores will take part. consumers are expected to spend nearly $600 billion this holiday season. on the second night of hanukkah tonight, the lighting ceremony will continue each night at 5:00 except for the 8th and final night. next friday, it will be lit at 3:00 for the second lighting at the westfield mall. then a celebration with the hanukkah treats. the lights commemorate the triumph on the small jewish fighters over the syrian army. if it wasn't a must win, it was awfully close. could he rebound against the miami dolphins? we'll show you in a minute next. ,,,,
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in the n-f-c west. seattle beat arizona today 58-0. they needed the victory to maintain that lead in the nfl west. looking to bounce back from last week's performance against st. louis. from one yard out. his 50th career touchdown tie. anthony dixon scores from one yard out to get a 20-6 lead. eight minutes ago, they go for it and they held him touchdown. they cut the lead, 20-13. putting the game on ice. he stepped out with a whole lot more. how about this from 50 yards out? the 49ers stay a game and a half ahead of seattle's nfc west. >> these games are really hard, you know. and miami is a heck of a team. we knew that going in that they
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would be tough to move the football in. you know, at some point you need to stay patient and they took our shots. i thought our offense played winning football. >> the next two weeks could decide who win the nfc west. so if they lose the next two games, then they may lose the division. >> yes. seattle, they might be the best team in the nfc right now. >> wow. it's amazing. all right, that's it for us at 10:00. good night. well, well, well.
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